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At West Ham United the retail department has overall responsibility for all aspects of retail operation including three stores, online and external sales channels, the warehouse

and administration team. The role encompasses the conception, design and development of all retail products to supply over 2000 different West Ham product items every season across replica, accessories and leisure wear. The department manages the external licensing programme in tandem with third party agencies currently working with 60 licensees that sell outside of West Ham United including all product approval, contract negotiations and ongoing relationship management. Management of retail operations includes profit and loss , pricing of goods and services as well as management of store equipment, hardware, POS, merchandising tools. Retail managers are required to implement all retail operations procedures, standards as well as recruit and develop management and staff teams. Recent developments have seen the team implement the online store and responsibility for the day to day management of its product placement.

The retail team are responsible for maintaining and updating all WHU trademarks and intellectual property in relation to sale of all retail goods but also other club requirements. Further responsibilities include stock taking and management of wholesaling West Ham United goods outside of the club.

Opportunities in retail in football go far beyond the perception of facilitating the sales of replica kit. The retail operation at West Ham includes the management of three stores an online store and warehouse operation, product development, buying skills trademark and licensing management and is a core function of the business.

Roles we recruit for

Matchday retail sales assistants

Warehouse assistants

online store administrators

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